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Puretap Water Systems

Purified water is no longer just a luxury, but a necessity. The two main areas of concern about water quality for residents in the Rio Grande Valley are impurity and hardness. Impure water may look safe to drink, but contains many harmful ingredients that can affect your health. Studies show that most unfiltered tap water is polluted with over-the-counter medicines that can cause illness.

Water constantly dissolves and absorbs contaminants while traveling miles from its source until it reaches your home. Puretap Water Systems addresses the problem directly by providing you with the finest level of filtration possible.

With purification technology and breakthrough engineering, Puretap Water Systems ensures your family safe, clean water for every need in your home. Stop wasting time and money buying and lugging around gallons of bottled water. Instead, invest in your own pure water purification machine.

For more information on our water purification systems, contact Puretap Water Systems in McAllen by calling 800-856-3331.