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What is Alkaline Filtration?

When it comes to providing your drinking water with a healthy dose of essential minerals and antioxidants, Puretap’s Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Filtration System is the safest and best option compared to our competitors. Our Reverse Osmosis Alkaline removes up to 99% of harmful contaminants that are in regular tap water while supplementing it with essential minerals and antioxidants for additional health benefits and fresh flavor. The system also increases pH and adds 20% more oxygen for faster hydration.

What makes our Alkaline System a great investment?

On top of having access to water that safely integrates antioxidants and minerals that our bodies need, you’ll also be getting our guarantee that your Reverse Osmosis Alkaline System will be installed with professional care and expertise. We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with your Puretap unit that we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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The health and safety of our associates, our customers and our communities is our top priority, and we want to share the steps we’re taking in response to the corona virus (COVID-19) crisis.

Our customers depend on us for the equipment they need to have clean water for drinking and cooking that will keep their households safe and secure by eliminating the need to go out and try to find bottled water.

So we’re doing our best to continue to serve you with as little disruption as possible, and at the same time, we’re putting the health and safety of our people and customers first.

With health and safety as our top priority, we’ll continue to monitor and follow the guidance of the experts at the CDC and other governmental authorities.  Including but not limited to monitoring the health of our associates, wearing masks, gloves and protective clothing as well as sanitizing.

We’re committed to do all we can to continue to serve your needs, and most importantly, help keep you and our associates healthy and safe.

Thank you and God bless,

The Walker Family & Puretap Water Systems, INC

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