E-Treat Water Conditioners

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How It Works

At Puretap Water Systems, we believe it’s time to put your water system on a salt-free diet. With E-Treat Water Conditioners, you get great-tasting, conditioned water for each tap in your home without any salt, scale, chlorine, or electricity.

The E-Treat systems use two technologies (granular activated carbon + ScaleNet® media) and a two-step treatment process to provide exceptional drinking water to reduce:

  • Chlorine
  • Bad flavors
  • Odors
  • Organics
  • Scale formation

What makes our E-Treat Water Systems a great investment?

Along with no longer having to deal with salt, chlorine, scale, or electricity, you’ll no longer have to worry about wasted water! The E-Treat systems conserve water to such an extent that we estimate one system alone can save up to 6,000 gallons a year compared to a water softener or metered valve.

If you’re ready to take full advantage of everything this system offers, then contact Puretap Water Systems today to learn more!